“Work in what you believe in!”

Jobganic is the leading job board & recruitment site for eco-conscious job seekers and companies who are passionate about the organic & eco-friendly industries.

Jobs in the organic, natural, eco-friendly, & healthy lifestyle industries.

What makes us unique?

Jobganic provides relevant jobs that are curated or posted by companies in the organic & eco-friendly industries. Organic jobs and career opportunities are spread across various markets such as:


  • Beauty & Cosmetic Products
  • Body & Personal Care Products
  • Baby Foods & Products
  • Pregnancy Products
  • Health & Wellness Products
  • Clothing & Accessory Products
  • Household & Cleaning Products
  • Furniture & Home Goods Products
  • Organic Farming
  • Organic & Health Food Products
  • Environmental & Green
  • Renewable & Sustainable Energy


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a unique and focused job search & recruitment solution for eco-conscious job seekers and companies who are committed to and passionate about the organic & eco-friendly industries.

Who does Jobganic serve?

Job seekers who are passionate about organic & eco-friendly products and want to work in the industry.

If you’re an individual who loves consuming organic and eco-friendly products and makes a conscious effort to live a healthy and happy lifestyle then why not transfer that passion to your career? Over 75% of people are not happy with their jobs, mainly because they do not work in an industry or with a company that excites or motivates them. At Jobganic, we provide a job search site that helps you bridge your passion for organic & eco-friendly industries by helping you find job opportunities within them. This way you can “Work in what you believe in!”

Companies in the organic & eco-friendly industry that are looking for people who believe in their mission.

If you’re an eco-conscious company that believes in producing organic & eco-friendly products/services and are looking to recruit & hire people who truly believe in your company’s philosophy, culture, and industry, then Jobganic is for you! It’s hard to find qualified talent, let alone talent that believes that what they do has a purpose or is passionate about the industry they are in. With 75% of people unhappy at their jobs, we decided to create a community that addresses the need for people to find a job or career path that excites them by tying their lifestyle passion to their career. This way we can help your company attract qualified talent that is truly motivated to “Work in what they believe in!”

About The Founder

Paul DiNardo | Founder
Paul is a strategic product development & marketing professional with 16+ years in the recruitment & job search arena. He’s a proud & active dad of two beautiful girls who loves to spend time with family, cook comfort food, try new organic & natural products, and live healthy & eco-consciously thanks to the influence of his wife Eva. They currently live in New York City. Paul founded Jobganic to help job seekers bridge their healthy and eco-conscious lifestyles to their careers and to bring awareness to the great companies/brands (large & small) that are powering the organic industry across numerous markets. Jobganic’s mission is to provide a focused job search and recruitment solution for job seekers and companies who are committed to and passionate about the organic, eco-friendly, and healthy lifestyle industries.

Food Shopping: Organic, local and/or non-GMO.
Favorite Vegetable: Avocado
Favorite Coffee: Death Wish Coffee
Favorite Midnight Snack: Mixed Nuts, Pretzels or Organic Celery Sticks w/ Sky Valley Sweet Chili Sauce
Favorite Men’s Skincare Product: Bulldog Skincare Original Moisturizer
Favorite Men’s Shaving Product: Every Man Jack Shave Cream
Favorite Lip Balm: Dr. Bronner’s Organic Peppermint Lip Balm
Favorite New Product: Organic Kombucha. I love GT’s & Kevita’s products and look forward to trying more brands and flavor infusions.
Favorite “Living” Music Artist: Mike Patton
Favorite Sport: Baseball…Yankees baseball!