Grow Your Talent Pipeline

Not hiring now?
That’s ok. We will still send you candidates!

Just because you don’t have open roles doesn’t mean we can’t still be a Talent Source working with you in the background. We can help you proactively attract motivated talent in the Organic industry.

Even though job seekers know you’re not currently hiring, many are eager to learn about your future opportunities when they develop. They want to learn more about your company culture and want to communicate.

Here’s how:

Include Jobganic in your company’s Recruitment Marketing & Employer Branding efforts. Promote your employer brand by marketing to your target audience – even if you’re not hiring.

We’ll link your career page on Jobganic so that job seekers can conveniently visit your site, learn about your company’s culture, and ultimately submit their resume for your future consideration. This saves your hiring team time by building a database of active and passive candidates for them to “tap into” when roles open up later.

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