Here are some common questions from job seekers and employers.
If your question is not listed or answered here, please contact us. We’re glad to help!

Job Seeker FAQs

Is it free for me to post my resume and create a profile on Jobganic?

Yes. Jobganic is free for job seekers to create a resume and profile so that employers can find you.

Is it free for me to search and apply to jobs on Jobganic?

Yes. It is free for job seekers to search the job board and apply for free.

Is Jobganic a recruiting firm?

No. Jobganic is a job site. We are not recruiters. We will not contact companies on your behalf. We encourage job seekers to use Jobganic to find jobs and to proactively apply to jobs they feel they are qualified for. Conversely, we encourage recruiters and employers to use Jobganic to post their jobs and search our candidate database for qualified candidates.

What is Social Login and how does it work?

Social Login is very common. We offer Social Login as a convenient single sign-on option for Job Seekers only. With Social Login a job seeker can use either their Google, Facebook or LinkedIn social accounts to register and log into Jobganic. By using your existing login information from a social network provider like Google, Facebook and LinkedIn you can quickly sign into our website instead of creating a new account. This simplifies the registration and login process for you. This also allows Jobganic to verify your email address and associate it accordingly with your Jobganic account.

Will you sell my contact information to third party advertisers?

No. We respect your privacy and we will not sell your information to third parties.

How come some jobs allow me to apply on Jobganic and some ask me to visit the Employer’s site?

It depends on how the Employer wants to receive job applications. Some employers will use Jobganic to track and receive job applications while others prefer handling applications on their end.

Employer FAQs

Can I provide you with a job feed in XML format to save time posting my jobs on Jobganic?

Absolutely! We can assist you in posting your jobs if you provide us with an XML file.

Do companies have to have products that are certified organic in order to post jobs?

Not necessarily. Jobganic not only focuses on helping companies that produce organic products but any company that offers natural and eco-friendly products. This could mean products that have non-toxic ingredients or materials. You know who you are! 😉

Can I search for candidates on Jobganic?

Not at this time. Since we are a fresh new company, we are waiting to build up our candidate database first before offering a candidate database search plan. We will notify Employers when the time comes. Stay tuned!

Which payment gateway do you use when I purchase a recruitment plan?

We use Stripe. Stripe is a US technology company, operating in over 25 countries, that allows both private individuals and businesses to accept payments over the Internet. Learn More

Will you offer special job posting promotions?

Yes! Follow Jobganic on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and look out for future special promos.