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Jobganic Launches Niche Job Site For The Organic & Eco-Conscious Community

A Job Board & Recruitment Site For Job Seekers And Companies Who Are Equally Passionate About The Organic & Natural Industry. announced the launch of its new niche job and recruitment site for the organic & eco-conscious community.

“Work in what you believe in!”
The organic industry is booming – in the U.S. alone, organic product sales reached an estimated $47 billion in 2016, according to the Organic Trade Association (OTA). As more consumers are becoming eco-conscious, many are also seeking opportunities to work for the eco-conscious companies they love to buy from, with the hope of increasing their job satisfaction. Jobganic will serve job seekers who to want to work in these industries and will also serve companies that are looking to hire qualified people who believe in their eco-friendly mission and culture.

“Jobganic’s mission is to provide a focused job search & recruitment solution for eco-conscious job seekers and companies who are equally committed to and passionate about the organic and eco-friendly industries,” said Paul DiNardo, Jobganic founder. “We decided to create a community that addresses the desire to find a job or career path that excites job seekers by bridging their eco-conscious lifestyles to their career.”

Jobganic provides relevant jobs that are curated by Jobganic or posted by companies in the organic & eco-friendly industries. Job opportunities range across various markets such as food, personal care & beauty, baby care, pregnancy, health & wellness, clothing & accessories, household & cleaning, furniture & home goods, organic farming, environmental & green, as well as renewables & sustainables. Many of these markets are changing and being disrupted as new companies introduce eco-friendly product alternatives for consumers, whether it is organic foods, baby care, organic clothing or eco-friendly & non-toxic beauty and skincare products.

For companies: Jobganic aims to help companies strengthen their brands and culture by helping them attract and hire candidates who love to live eco-consciously. Jobganic invites companies of all sizes and from all geographic locations to post their jobs free as part of Jobganic’s early bird adoption program. Companies can post any full-time, part-time, internship, freelance, or remote job for any function or experience-level as long as the company meets Jobganic’s requirement of being a producer of either organic and/or eco-friendly products and services. “This is also a great opportunity for local, small business startups to promote their companies and growth by getting in front of a select community, said DiNardo. “With many organic and eco-conscious companies springing up in rural areas around the world, Jobganic is a tool for them to attract qualified and passionate talent, whether it be local or remote, to grow their businesses.”

For job seekers: As the site rolls out, Jobganic invites active and passive job seekers who want to work with an eco-conscious company to check the site often for new jobs and to create a profile/résumé so that hiring companies can find them. Jobganic is free for job seekers to search and apply to job listings and to create a user profile.

About Jobganic is the leading job board & recruitment site exclusively dedicated to eco-conscious job seekers and companies who are equally committed to and passionate about the organic & natural industry. is owned and operated by Owlyze LLC.

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